Channeling the Skinny Rich Guy

Channeling the Skinny Rich Guy has started to be a bit of a preoccupation with me. When words type themselves on your keyboard without you thinking them and streaming out of your mouth without you knowing what the subject at hand might be, it can get weird. Of course, after it all pops out, I start trying to understand what its about and what it has to do with me.

Recently, the topic of ownership started flooding out and I was trying to get a grasp on it. After a while, it started to sink in that there might be something that I owned and the Skinny Rich Guy said “pull that out and use it. You own it but you are not using it. That is the definition of waste.”

So I started from there. Why ownership? What is the deal there?

“All Wealth is built on Ownership.” pops out. Wait, I own tons of stuff and it doesn’t seem to make me wealthy. As a matter of fact it seems like a waste of money. It seems to make me poorer, not richer! He went on to tell me that there is more to it. (why is there always more to it?)

“What purpose does it serve, this stuff?” Well, I get to haul it around if I move and search through it endlessly to see what I have. If I can’t find the thing I own when I need it, half the time, I end up buying it again.

“Organization is the key to making ownership pay.” All I could do was write it down, but I could feel my frustration building. I was inches from wondering how the pile of abandoned projects and carelessly purchased fascinations that surround me could possibility make me any money and it started sinking in. I guess I have not been organized.

So just as I started wondering what organization looked like I hear: “Organization means order, focus, planning and value.” Okay, butt kicked, I have not been thinking along these lines. I was just doing things because I could, hoping they would work. I guess I shouldn’t complain, I had gotten myself educated and some of the time, I was working for good money.

But working for good money only lasts so long and gets you so far. If you spend it the money is gone and if you work for somebody, chances are that it won’t be forever. But how does that have anything to do with ownership? “Did it leave you wealthy?” Hmmm. No, actually it didn’t. But wait a minute. Didn’t I own my time. “You sold your time.” I sold it, so I didn’t own it. Okay, so I sold my time and bought a bunch of junk.
What about investments? I bravely lifted my head up thinking that 401K would make me seem a little smarter. “Do they build wealth or just contain it?” A little of both, I guess, unless their value goes down.

“Your wealth is the value of that which you own.” It sounded really simple, but I was starting to learn that the Skinny Rich Guy doesn’t seem to care if I understand, he just wants me to get it down. I had already admitted that I did not think the things I owned were very valuable.

Occasionally, I think for myself. This was one of those times. I was starting to piece it all together. I decided to backtrack. What had we just gone over? I decided to list it to get it all into my head at once:

  1. All wealth is built on ownership.
  2. Organization is the key to making ownership pay.
  3. Organization means order, focus, planning and value.
  4. Your wealth is the value of that which you own.

So I puzzled on that for a while. Okay, I admit it. I was starting to consider taking a nap, but no. Nothing that easy. I started feeling ambitious. A question started forming in my head. Organization came up twice in this list…Okay, it is starting to seem a little circular. Ownership, Organization, Value. So the Order, Focus and Planning…Does that create Value? “YES!!!” he practically screamed!


Getting Ownership